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Comprehensive Energy Audits for Property Owners in Savannah, GA

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Comprehensive energy audits that can save property owners significant sums.

When you notice a significant drop in comfort levels inside your home, it’s only natural to wonder what the problem is.

Before you start checking out the price of new air conditioners or furnaces, we recommend scheduling an energy audit to identify the source(s) of energy loss in your home. At The Energy Penguin, we offer comprehensive energy audits to homeowners and businesses in Savannah, GA.

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What Happens During Energy Audits?

During an energy audit, an experienced diagnostic analyst deploys state-of-the-art equipment to point out areas of weakness in terms of your property’s energy efficiency.

Our energy audit report eliminates any guesswork on what you can do to make your home more energy efficient. You’ll know whether you need to book an appointment with a home insulation services provider or to change up your HVAC system.

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The Benefits of an Energy Audit for Your Home in Savannah, GA

Some of the top benefits of energy audits include:

  • Cost savings: Acting on the reports of the audits can save you significant sums by ensuring your HVAC systems work at optimum efficiency. You’ll also avoid unnecessary expenses on replacing or installing new units.

  • Improved comforts: Energy audits can solve temperature inconsistencies and improve indoor air quality across your property.

  • Improved property value: An energy-efficient property is more valuable than one with various sources of energy loss.

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